Mrs. Malathi Borgia

Mr Borgia’s wife and his course-mate at IHMCN Madras. She was our Housekeeping Instructor. She was warmth personified, and a bundle of enthusiastic energy. Her warm smile disarmed many. Unlike her husband, who had a swagger and a slight smile, she was openly affable and simple. Both of them, though, were hard taskmasters, leading by example.

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Late Mrs. Asha Varma

How do I express myself about this teacher? She was a strict no-nonsense English Communications Teacher at IHMCN Ahmedabad. She made such a significant difference to my life. We shared our love for the language. Just, about five feet tall with that Indira Gandhi-styled hair, she still managed to tower over us six-footers.

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Mr. Borgia Bedc

Our Food & Beverage Service Instructor. He was cold-blooded and cruel, quite like a tyrant, who as we thought then, took pleasure in being sadistic. I recall once, I polished my shoes till my body was bathed in sweat. He made me repeat it till he could see his face in it.

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Mr. N.M. Rafique

He was a thorough gentleman, with class, knowledge, sagacity and extremely humane. He was our Principal at the Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad. He was a reservoir of knowledge and someone who let students be, but not beyond a limit.

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