About Us

“Brevity being the soul of wit”

IHMAAA is the nomenclature for us - Institute of Hotel Management Ahmedabad Alumni Association.

As we are doing as well as our former neighbors the IIM- A if not better! This name is apt for this forum with - members already since registration in 2013, of all we who have passed out from this Institute. Whether we refer to the old edifice, in the Polytechnic Compound sharing space with the T.E.B. or this lovely our own campus in sylvan surroundings.

“Bricks & mortar do not make an Institute”. I quote our founding Principal in every respected Mr. N.M. Rafique. We maybe had our doubts over-awed by the IHMN campuses in Delhi, Bombay and Madras. His words today ring true & how! When we look up at the progress and achievements of the students who are bringing glory and pride to this Institute that started off as the Food Craft Institute in 1972.

To bring these students settled in far flung places together is the objective. You never know it might be an IHM Ahemdabad boy or girl who would be greeting the 1st voyager on Mars with a smile and “How may I help you?” IHMA Alumni are there in the Americas, spread across Europe, in Japan, Down Under in southern hemisphere Australia & New Zealand or for that matter in neighboring Baroda. The world is too small for us but it’s a round small world and the odds on meeting a senior or junior, course-mate is as common as finding sand in the Sahara.

Aah! One of us maybe unknown to us may be owing or managing a scaled down caravan sarai or an up-market glitzy hotel in the Sahara Desert. Who knows? And now that you are reading this it’s testimony to the fact you want to get to know your friends of the best years of your life. Well, what are you waiting for? Drop the pen & paper use your mobile/ Ipad / tab whatever gizmo you are using to register with us because you belong here and without you we would be missing one buddy.

Let’s talk on our times, our families and how we can together give back to our Alma Mater in whatever capacity in whatsoever measure we can. Knowing we can never in one lifetime return even an iota of the gifts she has blessed us with for this life. But the least we can do is trying.