Pledge Your Organs - Donor Card

The Donor Card enables people to express their wish to become an organ donor. It is like making a will. By signing the 'Donor Card' you have agreed to organ donation. Keep the Donor Card with you always in your purse or wallet. Inform your close relatives about your wish to be an organ donor. The Donor Card also substitutes as an emergency card as it has the contact number in case of any emergency.

Ms. Anushka Dias Awarded Chef Roy Memorial Trophy

For her incredible success and glory at IHM-Ahmedabad in academic performance throughout the year! Ms. Anushka Dias was awarded Chef Roy Memorial Trophy on 13th March 2014 at IHM-Ahmedabad Annual Day Celebrations by Mr. N.M Rafique - Former Principal

IHMAAA's Tribute to Chef Roy

 Late Chef Roy A Tribute & Memorial Trophy

 Late Chef Roy

 A Tribute & Memorial Trophy

How does one remember/recall or pay a tribute to a venerable, avuncular gentleman who more than being a teacher was a friend, mentor and counsellor. Whose heart was not as big as his fist! Leave that to the text-books. Whose seamless heart was not restricted to the boundaries of the rib-cage as it is for very many of us. Lesser mortals. And yes his heart did not have ventricles or auricles. You didn't need an MRI scan to know that. Because his heart overflowed not with blood but with unalloyed love for his flock us. The reason for his mercurial temper rising and abating in a second. He just could not carry any emotional baggage in his heart. Because we were his and he is ours. Such was he. No-one was deprived of a hot meal in his presence. He would leave his lunch at times to cook up something special for those who missed out on lunch. Any wonder many a student deliberately missed out on their lunch!

IHMAAA Website Released

 Institute of Hotel Management Ahmedabad Alumni Association's website released by

IHMAAA Reunion 2016

Dear Friends,
IHMAAA finalised Dates for Annual Reunion 2016 on 1st and 2nd October '16 (First two days of Navratri Festival) at Gandhinagar... Venue IHM Ahmedabad Institute Gandhinagar.
Pls plan to join... Can send request on whats up with Mobile No., Name & Year of passing so you can be added on IHMAAA alumni group.

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