IHMAAA's Tribute to Chef Roy

 Late Chef Roy A Tribute & Memorial Trophy

 Late Chef Roy

 A Tribute & Memorial Trophy

How does one remember/recall or pay a tribute to a venerable, avuncular gentleman who more than being a teacher was a friend, mentor and counsellor. Whose heart was not as big as his fist! Leave that to the text-books. Whose seamless heart was not restricted to the boundaries of the rib-cage as it is for very many of us. Lesser mortals. And yes his heart did not have ventricles or auricles. You didn't need an MRI scan to know that. Because his heart overflowed not with blood but with unalloyed love for his flock us. The reason for his mercurial temper rising and abating in a second. He just could not carry any emotional baggage in his heart. Because we were his and he is ours. Such was he. No-one was deprived of a hot meal in his presence. He would leave his lunch at times to cook up something special for those who missed out on lunch. Any wonder many a student deliberately missed out on their lunch!

Ethics & Values were integral to him. It would not be incorrect to mention he would go to any length to maintain them.

As a teacher in the kitchens or in the class-rooms he was a martinet but with a heart practising the spirit of the rule than the word. Again the heart always be over-ruling his brain.

It is fitting in his memory we attempt to recognise and award the student who walked the same path of humanity with the ethics and values keeping the memory of our Roy Saab / Guruji / Chef Roy.... as he was fondly addressed thus as per the situation. We are aware he would not have approved of such wholesome praise heaped on him to retort in that inimitable sweet thickly accented Bengali Hindi and the warm smile to match. “Chalo deeemag kharab mat karo kaam karo”

Rest In Peace Sir! and smile on us as you always have done and will do.
But most of all thank you Roy Saab!.